Traveling today…

Headed home on the fast track, so it will take a bit of time to rest and settle back into a normal routine once we get there. But I have a lot to do, so I am very much ready to be home. However, goodbyes are always hard, and they take some time to settle, as well.

Things that will linger for me this year are: tender moments with family; meeting wonderful new friends and fellow travelers; and having the rare experience of hearing taps played every night at dusk over the Naval base where we stayed for some weeks. My little granddaughter calls it "the good night song."

Good nights are important.

With so many of our military away from their families, these days, I am glad they have something so beautiful to tuck them in every night. And I'm sure it will linger somewhere in their hearts long after they all finally find their way home, again.

Getting outside myself every summer, always makes me feel very grateful to be living in such a wonderful world. It's beautiful out there. But now there is a four hour layover until the next flight, so… I'm off to work a bit.

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