The best laid plans…

So much of what we plan in life turns out different. For some people, this is the ultimate sabotage, and they simply cannot accomplish what they set out to do. But I have found that for others (me included), the possibility exists to discover something above and beyond my own original ideas.

As a Christian, I must -- above all things -- depend on the fact that my steps are "ordered by the Lord." With this belief, all anxiety that I might miss something important, or get into trouble I had no idea was lurking, is covered. The ultimate bodyguard, actually. It doesn't get much better than that. But even so, it is incredible how much one has to struggle to keep that perspective. But it is worth it.

Which all makes perfectly good sense if one were to acknowledge the fact that we are living in a "war zone" that has existed between good and evil since the beginning of time. Think about it. The only thing that makes sense, really. In that light everything else seems to make sense, too. But, oh, the flak you will get if you ever bring that subject up in a conversation!

Even so, here's a little secret. If you -- or anyone -- will truly believe that God has your back -- then absolutely nothing is too big to stop you from what you were ultimately put in this world to do.

Now is that comfort, or what?

If you've got another opinion, let's hear it. Because I can't imagine there is any philosophy (or hard evince!) that will be able to hold up as well. Go ahead -- use any instance in history as an example. I have a feeling this theory is indisputable.

But then, that's me. So, enough with philosophy and off to work for the day.

What I am working on: The "third plotline" of my near thriller suspense. A very tricky bit, actually. One of the few things in a piece of fiction that has to ring true. Like Steinbeck, when he was writing his junk yard scene for GRAPES OF WRATH, and felt so obsessed with having to get the sense of cheating into it. Ah, writing… it is such a mysterious magic!

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