Something Refreshing…

Stumbled on a bit of "writer's refreshment" last week, and am having such a good time with it, I thought I'd better share. It's the "Plot Whisperer's" vlog series that you can find here.

That's the first one, but there are nearly thirty installments of between five and ten minutes that are delightfully informative. And if you are wondering how something can be both delightful and informative at the same time, I recommend you avid writers watch a few and see if you don't agree.

Meanwhile, many thanks to Martha Alderson for finding a way to teach such important stuff in such a fun way. And once again, I must say how wonderful it is that this "age of information" we live in allows us late-comers to enjoy events that have passed already to get in on them anyway… at our own leisure.

Which really leaves no excuses for putting out the absolute best work we are capable of. Something I'm going to get back to right now...

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