Survival Instincts…

“What’s the good of light fiction when there are so many serious things going on in the world today? It’s too trite. It comes from another era and nobody’s looking back.”

“On the contrary, Lilly. I should think that light fiction would be even more important in times like these. It gives people a break. A smile, or a laugh… don’t you think living in times like these make people appreciate pleasant things all the more?”

“Not unless there’s something worthwhile in it. Why should anyone care about Stella’s misadventures with the Fat Man, without some secret revealed as to how she comes through it all? There’s no take-away value in a smile or a laugh, Ann.”

“Of course there is. Especially for all the Stellas and Fat Men of the world. Wouldn’t you agree, Professor?”

“I try to avoid those types, myself.”

“You see? That’s exactly what I mean! I say if my scribblings don’t start to contain anything useful, I shall have to give up the pen altogether.”

“Why, Lilly – you’d be dead. You know the only reason any of us have any life at all is because of the stories. Without words we wouldn’t exist!”

“What’s the point of being alive if you can’t contribute something?”

“My thoughts exactly. And being a man of science, I can tell you right now, that in order to be a contributor, a person must first have something to contribute. I told you, you should have finished college.”

“Not that, again. How could I possibly have done all my travels if I’d stayed home trying to finish college? But you do have a point, Professor. I must search through my resources for something of value for Stella and the Fat Man to contribute. It’s the only way to continue on.”

“It’s the only way for anyone to continue on, if you’re looking for secrets.”

“Good lord – I just saw somebody at the window! Who turned the blog on?”

“I thought it might help us regain some semblance of order around here. Why, we haven’t come up with any decent creativity since--”

“But Ann, you know we have to all agree. What’s D. Ann Graham going to say?”

“She’s too wrapped up in the magazine right now to even notice. Heavens, she hasn’t listened to us for days, and you know how that has the worst kind of effects on us. In fact, I’d be willing to go so far as--”

“You mean this isn’t an official agenda meeting? Blast it all, ladies – I’ve got things going back at the lab that shouldn’t be left unsupervised! Now, you’ve --”


“What was that?”

“Quick, Ann – turn off the blog!”

What’s happening on the farm today: It is the day the calves on the adjoining ranch are taken away from their mothers. Horrible moaning and bellowings of anguish that will go on for hours. For some even days. It seems language is no prerequisite to strong emotion. For me, it’s the longest day of the year.

Habit status: Day 9 (unofficially, that is)


AnJaka said...

Hi D., I want to introduce you to

D. Ann Graham said...

Hello anjaka... nice of you to drop by. Rather a cryptic message, though. Hmmm. That place looks to be mostly like some kind of pool for medical or well-being information... does that mean you think we need help?