First of all, let’s make one thing perfectly clear. We are not here to discuss the process of making liquor, or even getting Lilly’s characters out of the wine cellar. We are talking about a different type of distillation altogether. Although the general meaning is the same because the goal is to distill information down to its purest and most potent form.

“I hardly see what that has to do with my light fiction, may I be excused? The Professor says he’s on the verge of an important discovery, and promises a great deal of excitement if we will all meet him in his laboratory at ten-thirty.”

“I hope it has to do with the project he’s supposed to be working on, and not another one of his tangents. I don’t mind saying that this subject – in my opinion – has to do with all of our work. It’s much more than just finding the right word or turn of phrase to get a point across.”

“How do you mean, Ann?”

“I mean that in order to accomplish what one would like – in any profession, not just writing – one is driven to scale down on outside activities until optimum energies are directed mostly toward the goal. Rather like distillation, wouldn’t you say?”

“To a degree, yes. And I think you could also say that to do so not only allows one to accomplish what they set out to, but it even empowers them to do it. Thus, the potency aspect. In fact, that’s rather what the Professor’s demonstration is going to be about, although I’m sure his perspective will be much more concrete than ours. I think we should adjourn early and continue this discussion after we get over there.”

“Can we do that?”

“Of course we can do that. It’s our blog, isn’t it? Where’s D. Ann Graham?”

“I think she left already.”

“Then what the devil are we still doing here all by ourselves? “Turn off the blog and let’s go.”

What’s happening on the farm today: The hot weather is back – in October no less! Just when we put all the summer things away and started getting ready for winter. I think the animals are disgusted at the prospect, too. The big dog opened the back door all on his own and marched right into the cool air-conditioning without even being invited. I wouldn’t mind so much except that he never closes it again after he gets in.

Habit status: Day 7 (halfway there)

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