A Problem of Spiders…

Close the curtains a bit, Ann, the solicitors have found us.

“Already? But we haven’t even been here two weeks. How on earth could anyone find something this obscure in two weeks?”

“In real time it’s been much longer, ladies. I doubt it was a person, anyway -- it was probably a spider.”

“Good lord! You mean there’s no cleaning service either?”

“Of course not, Lilly. Only the design and forum are guaranteed. We have to take care of everything else ourselves. I’ll make a note here on the bottom of the agenda to put one of those ‘no soliciting’ signs out. That’s not what they call them, though, so it will take a bit of research to figure out just how to do it. Professor, do you think you could find time to help with that?”

“One can always find time, Ann. People like us have an unlimited amount at our disposal. I hardly think it will take much. You see, this kind of spider you’re talking about isn’t a bug it’s a machine. Thousands upon thousands of them, in fact. However, they operate on the same principle. Some little parasite looking for any possible opening into someone else’s living space. I believe all you have to do is turn the button on for an automatic human test, and that should eliminate ninety percent of them. See me after the meeting and I’ll help you with it.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

“I don’t know about anyone else, but this will definitely have an effect on my decision when it comes to the vote on the fourteenth day. I don’t like living with spiders. Not even ten percent of them.”

“My dear Lilly, you – more than anyone – should know that no matter what territory one ventures into, there will always be some manner of spiders to contend with. Hardly a reason to stop explorations altogether.”

“Bit of a difference between traveling through public territories, Professor, and having these bug things come plowing through mine.”

“This is hardly your territory, my dear. You can’t pitch your tent smack in the middle of an elephant walk and then complain when it gets bumped by elephants. If you don’t like it, make some adjustments. Either move out of the way, or set up a bigger tent.”

“I suppose you’re right. But I still don’t like spiders.”

“Not many people do.”

“And I especially don’t like not knowing when they’re around. I don’t like this blog very much today, either.”

“Somebody turn it off, then, so we can make some readjustments.”

What’s happening on the farm today: Two days of good steady rain and the dried up red earth is finally starting to come to life, again. Everyone has startled awake from their summer lethargies with the shocking realization that there’s work to do. The squirrels are scampering to pack away their stashes of nuts, rocks, and horse manure in the shop drawers(whatever do they do with the rocks and manure?); the house wrens are lowering their standards in their choice of appropriate wintering nest locations; and Pops and I have decided it’s past time to get in the firewood.

Habit status: Day 10 (and on shaky ground)

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