Who's on first...

So, here we are again. Considering the fact that we already --

"Yes, Ann, was there something you wanted to say?"

"I was just going to point out that adding this blog to our work schedule is creating time conflicts. Lord knows, we already have enough of those."

"Time is relative."

"I understand that, Professor. But the point is, a person would have to be a genius to manage all this. Which I am obviously not."

"Maybe we can come at it from a different angle. Would it help, Ann, if we brought the work schedule into this blog instead of the other way around?"


"Just forget we''re in a blog at the moment, and tell us what's on your mind the way you usually do."

"It's September 1, that's what's on my mind. It's the time of year books come to the forefront -- if you have any intentions of sticking to publishing schedules -- which leaves nobody to continue updating the web pages. Without updates, people lose interest and don't come back."

"True. We can't stop doing the updates. On the other hand, they shouldn't take half so long as they've been taking. Other people don't seem to have that trouble, they can handle their updates and two or three jobs besides. So what's the deal? Can anyone see any obvious places we could cut back?"

"I think the Professor should answer that, since he took up nearly an hour of everyone's time when he wasn't even on the agenda, yesterday. All that nonsense about atomic number 15, forbidden mechanisms and all that."

"Is that true, Professor?"

"I assure you there is no nonsense to the fact that we are going to run out of one of the most basic and essential elements necessary to all life by the year 2035. Maybe someone should put that on their agenda."

"Good God!"

"Now, you've gone and upset Lilly. Next thing you know, the cousins will be --"

"Somebody turn off this blog."

What's happening on the farm today: Pops just stepped on an egg one of the chickens laid in the middle of the driveway. There must be another varmint stalking around the chicken coop, again... which means there will be adventures afoot tonight...

Habit status: Day 3 (still too far off to make a judgment)

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