Return of the Natives...

Well, we're back. Isn't it interesting how when one makes a commitment, all manner of opposition comes onto the scene to wrest it away from you? Even with the smallest things. First the long weekend. Then a family illness that involved an unexpected trip out of state. Then the magazine is uproariously behind schedule. I wouldn't be half surprised if I made a decision to drink two glasses of water every day at lunch; the well would blow up. Just the nature of things, I suppose. At any rate, where were we?

"We were trying to get more work accomplished by striving for a little more balance in our lives."

"Thank you, Ann, I believe you're right. Now that I recall, we were having some problems with the agenda. Deadlines, time of year, and all that."

"We were just about to put a priority on manuscripts before that little mishap occurred. I hope no one forgot the importance of first drafts, and the difficulties that can arise in continuity when you've left two characters locked in a wine cellar for two months, and you can't for the life of you recall why you put them there."

"Why, Lilly -- do you mean to say you haven't the slightest --"

"We can work that out by doing an edit of what we've got so far. That always stimulates the subconscious and gets the creative juices flowing again."

"It's scientifically impossible to stimulate something that isn't there."

"What is that supposed to mean, Professor? Of course there's something there. You know very well I've completed nearly a hundred and fifty pages of that manuscript already, and --"

"My dear, Lilly, must everything center around you? I'm referring to a person of my background and qualifications having to work with all these kids."

"Now, we're not going to start that again, are we. It's already been agreed that the cousins are very special kids. I'm sure they would never --"

"They're especially exasperating, that's what they are. While I was busy doing that bit of research on Tesla, they've gone and managed to misplace everything."

"Your notes on Tesla?"

"No, I'm talking about the blasted manuscript! They've lost it entirely."

"Oh, good lord! Have you --"

"I've looked everywhere."

"This is terrible -- somebody adjourn the meeting. We've got to take care of this."

"Turn off the blog, Ann."

What's happening on the farm today: We've finally fenced the horses out of the backyard. They are incredibly offended, since they can no longer get into things on the porch or stick their heads in through open windows. But it had to be done. With the new addition going up and so many other things for them to get into, it was just good insurance. And I rather like the fact that I can now grow something in a flower pot and it will not be eaten the instant it pops its head above ground.

Habit status: Day 4 (not really, but that's the nice thing about writing: you can turn back the time)

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