10 Reasons I Know It’s Time...

I know it’s time to get back to work, again. I know because:

1. All the comments I have left on other people’s blogs for the last month have been embarrassingly long. Sometimes even off subject.

2. Too much indulgence in my daily routine has given me “I” problems.

3. I have begun to make mountains out of molehills. Who cares how I finally came to memorize that i equals the square root of minus one, when you don’t even need that kind of equation to balance a checkbook these days? Good grief, where have I been? We don’t even need checkbooks anymore.

4. The last three books I read for pleasure didn’t give me any pleasure.

5. I burst into a crying jag in the middle of a crowded theater during a movie that was supposed to be a comedy. It lasted all the way through the mall and back out to the parking lot, until my husband was so concerned he asked me if it would help to go to Paris.

6. I didn’t take him up on it.

7. I began spending hours at a time reading through titles over at the site looking for... I don’t know what I was looking for.

8. I used up an entire day reading a nineteenth century beauty manual, complete with recipes for potions that included ingredients which are not only unavailable today, they are illegal.

9. I became overly excited that an accidental war correspondent for the seige of Mafeking was a woman related to Churchill.

10. I’m still excited about that.

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