Blog Party...

I have decided to celebrate. 

"I suppose we should, considering just having you show up around here has become something of an occasion."

Yes, but I notice none of you have been sitting around twiddling thumbs, which is as it should be. What else are muses for, if not to dream up inspirations for me to contemplate? I never leave you without jobs to do, and I see you've all been more than busy in my absence. Lilly particularly. Bit bold of you launching your own blog, Lilly -- what if someone actually reads it?

"My book is finished and we're launching, even if I have to hire a band of Madagascar Pirates to help me."

I believe it is my book, and a band of pirates wouldn't be any help at all. That's what we have professionals for. I suggest you leave it in the hands of the professionals and get on with your next project. Where did we leave off with that one? Oh, yes... the husband isn't away on business after all, he's really off doing murder...

"A bit too dark for my liking, and I'm not that fond of the hero. He's always showing up with sand on his feet. Or tinkering with something. Nothing but a beach bum most of the time."

Only because his hero-moment hasn't arrived, yet. Those moments can change a person, you know. I'm fascinated by how much we are shaped by our emotional moments. Still, you might have a point about him not being appealing enough. Keep working on it. There has to be something magnetic about him somewhere. He's hero material, I'm sure of it. Farther back in his past, maybe... something he did once that might give us a clue...

And in the meantime, quit enticing the Professor away from his work to help you with yours. I'm about ready for the second installment of the Young Scientifics, and I'll need that invention he's working on. 

"It could be coming along much faster, my dear, if you would do something with all these kids. They're making  havoc of my laboratory. And what's this blasted pulley system these two new rascals are tinkering with? The other day, they were hauling explosives up and down with it."

Only because I'm coming up to the finish line with them and things are on a roll. But don't worry, Professor, they've turned into young knights, now. You can at least trust them to fix whatever they break. Which is more than a lot of young people can guarantee these days. I'm about ready to send them over to Ann for some necessary clean-up, anyway. Sometime in June.

"You're scheduled to be traveling in June."

Yes, which is why we're celebrating. It's finally time to get ready for Cousin Summers. The rest of our projects are on schedule and you've all done a splendid job of keeping a warm fire burning in the study all this time.  And don't think I haven't noticed the web sites, Lilly. They do inspire me. Just remember to let me know if anyone real happens by, or we'll all lose our credibility. What's this, Ann -- treats?

"You said it was a party."

And so it is.

What's happening on the farm today: Working hard at the dairy. We are up to having enough milk for the day, and looking forward to yogurt and cheese. Pops is busy getting everything automated for while we are away, so that caretaker labor can be minimal. Meanwhile, the Peabody family continues to contribute over a dozen eggs a day. Every day! Which now pays the feed bill for our other stock , too. Ah... finally, the dream begins to become reality.

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