Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Home, at last, after a very long season of travel. I’m looking forward to the working months ahead with the continued sense of urgency I brought back with me, along with a thankfulness that I have such a pleasant study to work in. Ah, Toto – there’s no place like home!

Tomorrow will mark my first day back in my study, but I can’t help peeking in every time I pass during the chore of resettling. Is everybody there? Ann – Lilly – Professor?

"Of course we are."

And the cousins?

"Even the cousins."

Then my world is complete.

What’s happening on the farm today… the prolonged and unusual rains have reeked havoc on our little place. Pops is hard at work patching leaks in the roof, shoring up pieces of shifting foundation, and getting in firewood. Me, I’m trying to make trails through the jungle that was once my garden, and chase all the bugs out of the house. Could it get any more glorious?

Status: My new year begins (I have always been on a different calendar than the rest of the world)

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